Psammodromus hispanicus / Spanish Psammodromus

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  • Psammodromus edwarsianus / Edwards's Psammodromus

    Psammodromus edwarsianus / Edwards's Psammodromus

  • Psammodromus occidentalis / Western Psammodromus

    Psammodromus occidentalis / Western Psammodromus

  • Eremias arguta / Steppe Runner

    Eremias arguta / Steppe Runner

  • Male: E / Riopar, 01.10.2016

    Psammodromus hispanicus is a small, ground-dwelling species, which occurs in eastern Central Spain, only. The species can be found in rather open habitats but also pine forests up to 1500 m o.s.l..

    It differs from Psammodromus edwarsianus by the lack of a supralabial scale below the subocular scale (s. below). Distinguishing between Psammodromus hispanicus and Psammodromus occidentalis by external characters can be difficult. Hence, the exact distribution limit between these species in western-central Spain is unknown so far. Psammodromus occidentalis prefers Atlantic climate with moderate temperatures in winter, whereas Psammodromus hispanicus lives in areas with continental climate and cold winters. Due to its characteristic back pattern of black and white bars, Psammodromus hispanicus can hardly be confused with other small Lacertid lizards in its range.

  • (Approximate) distribution of Psammodromus hispanicus, Psammodromus edwarsianus and Psammodromus occidentalis.

  • Female: E / Riopar, 01.10.2016

  • Juvenile: E / Riopar, 05.09.2015

  • E / Andosilla, 02.07.2014

  • Comparison of Psammodromus hispanicus and Psammodromus edwarsianus: the additional supralabial scale has been highlighted at Psammodromus edwarsianus.