Algyroides marchi / Spanish Algyroides

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  • Algyroides fitzingeri / Pygmi Algyroides

    Algyroides fitzingeri / Pygmi Algyroides

  • Algyroides nigropunctatus / Dalmatian Algyroides

    Algyroides nigropunctatus / Dalmatian Algyroides

  • Algyroides moreoticus / Greek Algyroides

    Algyroides moreoticus / Greek Algyroides

  • E / Riopar, 02.10.2016

    The distribution range of Algyroides marchi is restricted to higher altitudes in the Prebetic Mountains (Sierra de Alcaraz, Segura & Cazorla) in the Provinces of Albacete, Jaén, Cordoba and Murcia. It prefers humid habitats, often close to brooks. Within its relictual distribution range in south-eastern Spain, this species cannot be mistaken with other species; its closest relative is Algyroides fitzingeri on Corsica and Sardinia.

  • Distribution range of Algyroides marchi.

  • Juvenile: E / Cazorla, 30.10.2017

  • E / Cazorla, 08.09.2015

  • E / Riopar, 04.09.2015