Peloponnese, 20. - 27.10.2012

A herping trip to Peloponnese in autumn? We were rather skeptical about such an end-of-season tour. Anyhow, we couldn’t resist to join Dutch / Belgian / German team for this trip: together with Bobby Bok, Jürgen Gebhart, Gertjan Verspui, Kenny de Boeck und Ronald de Vries we were driving all over Peloponnese for one week. Finally, despite of dry late-summer weather, we found almost 40 species: a quite successful trip…

  • Pyrenees, 2008 - 2016

    Pyrenees, 2008 - 2016

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  • Sicily & Aeolian Islands, 26.5. – 6.6.2016

    Sicily & Aeolian Islands, 26.5. – 6.6.2016

    Mission Volcano! Smoking mountains and rare reptiles

  • Astypalaia & Naxos, 25.3.-3.4.2016

    Astypalaia & Naxos, 25.3.-3.4.2016

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  • Spain, 29.8.-11.9.2015

    Spain, 29.8.-11.9.2015

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  • Montenegro, 2. – 11.7.2015

    Montenegro, 2. – 11.7.2015

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  • Central Spain, 29.8. - 14.9.2014

    Central Spain, 29.8. - 14.9.2014

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  • Lefkada, Kefalonia & Akarnania, 24.5. - 3.6.2014

    Lefkada, Kefalonia & Akarnania, 24.5. - 3.6.2014

    Reptile adventures in Western Greece

  • Mallorca / Alicante - 15.-23.03.2014

    Mallorca / Alicante - 15.-23.03.2014

    2014 Season Kick-off with 16 reptile species

  • Corsica, 07.-17.09.2013

    Corsica, 07.-17.09.2013

    Mountains, sea and rock lizards

  • Portugal, 13. - 20.07.2013

    Portugal, 13. - 20.07.2013

    Lizard hunting in Central Portugal

  • Romania, 24.05. - 03.06.2013

    Romania, 24.05. - 03.06.2013

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  • Menorca, 17. - 24.03.2013

    Menorca, 17. - 24.03.2013

    Visiting the Balearic lizards

  • Peloponnese, 20. - 27.10.2012

    Peloponnese, 20. - 27.10.2012

    Autumn trip on Peloponnese

  • Montenegro, 27.07. - 04.08.2012

    Montenegro, 27.07. - 04.08.2012

    Summer trip in the mountains of Montenegro

  • Skyros & Evia, 26.05. - 04.06.2012

    Skyros & Evia, 26.05. - 04.06.2012

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  • Crete, 06. - 13.04.2012

    Crete, 06. - 13.04.2012

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  • Andalucia, 10. - 18.03.2012

    Andalucia, 10. - 18.03.2012

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  • Northern Spain, 02. - 13.09.2011

    Northern Spain, 02. - 13.09.2011

    Herpetological trip to the northwest of Spain: the mountains west of Leon, the Atlantic coast south of A Coruña and the Picos de Europa.

  • Aegean Islands, 28.05. - 13.06.2011

    Aegean Islands, 28.05. - 13.06.2011

    Five islands in two weeks: Kythira, Pori, Milos, Kimolos and Sifnos

  • Rhodos & Kastellorizo, 12. - 19.03.2011

    Rhodos & Kastellorizo, 12. - 19.03.2011

    Trip to the easternmost island of Greece...

  • Central spain, 25.09. - 03.10.2010

    Central spain, 25.09. - 03.10.2010

    Iberolacertas within Sierra de Gredos, Pena de Francia and Sierra de Guadarrama

  • Alps, 03. -17.07.2010

    Alps, 03. -17.07.2010

    Our first trip to the Alps led us to the Allgäu area, the Julian Alps and Carinthia

  • Northern Peloponnese, 3.-11.4.2010

    Northern Peloponnese, 3.-11.4.2010

    Four Podarcis species in one area!

  • Northern Greece, 01. - 15. 06.2009

    Northern Greece, 01. - 15. 06.2009

    Great trip to the Pindos mountains...

  • Sicily, 28.03. - 04.04.2009

    Sicily, 28.03. - 04.04.2009

    Orchid trip to eastern Sicily

  • Samos, September 2008 / 2009

    Samos, September 2008 / 2009

    Chamaeleons, Trachylepis and beautiful beaches...

  • Spain, November 2008 / February 2009

    Spain, November 2008 / February 2009

    Lizards in the Alicante Province

  • Eifel region

    Eifel region

    Our local "playground": botanical highlights, meadows with numerous butterflies and some herpetofauna...

  • Peloponnese team: Gertjan Verspui, Kenny de Boeck, Bobby Bok, Jürgen Gebhart, Ronald de Vries, Birgit Oefinger, Peter Oefinger


    Whereas our flight from Düsseldorf was in time the others were delayed. We decided not to wait for them but to proceed directly towards western Peloponnese. During our way we had a stopover to photograph some lizards in the Feneos area. After sunset we finally reached Kalogria where our colleagues also arrived at late night (they had done a side trip to the mountains, too).

  • Female Podarcis erhardii with king-size prey…

  • …yummy, delicous!

  • Podarcis tauricus – the most common lizard in the Feneos basin – watching the scene

  • Not San Francisco, but the bridge crossing the Gulf of Corinth at Patras


    In the morning, we had the pleasure to admire some Pelobates syriacus which were found by our colleagues the night before. Afterwards, we practiced some fieldherping in the Kalogria area – a diversified landscape with lagoons, dunes and rocky slopes. Some hours later we moved to Kaiafa Lake to search for Eryx jaculus – unfortunately without success. At sunset we arrived at our next stay at the west coast. After a tasty dinner we started our first nocturnal field trip in that area.

  • Pelobates syriacus – this species looks like a skin desease…

  • Baby-Natrix tessellata

  • Cooperative model: Testudo marginata

  • Uncooperative model: Testudo hermanni

  • Colchicum cupanii

  • Danaus chrysippus

  • Wetlands at Kalogria: here, our colleagues introduced us to the art of bird-watching…

  • …this professional shot shows an ibis (Plegadis falcinellus) – we were impressed...

  • Kaiafa Lake …

  • …home of Emys orbicularis…

  • …and Ablepharus kitaibelii

  • Poor substitute for “real” herps: Pelophylax epeirioticus

  • Sunset at the West Coast: starting signal for a night trip

  • We came across this Bufo viridis…

  • …and some Hemidactylus turcicus.

  • This juvenile Zamenis situla was active in the darkness as well.


    The day started with a photo session: our models were a juvenile and a subadult Malpolon insignitus. Afterwards, we enjoyed a couple of hours at the beach. In the afternoon, we spent some more time searching for chameleons – a difficult but finally successful undertaking. The highlight of that day was another night excursion – this time, we visited a population of introduced geckoes (Tarentola mauritanica).

  • Malpolon insignitus

  • Malpolon photography

  • Baby Malpolon with Birgit

  • The blue lagoon – a real holiday picture, finally…

  • Mandragora autumnalis with Papilio machaon

  • Chamaeleo africanus…

  • …and photographers

  • Night-time burglars – searching for:

  • Tarentola mauritanica


    After some ineffective snake hunting we left the Peloponnese west-coast towards Mani Peninsula. There, we left our colleagues for a side trip to Gythio. Although we had some rain in that area we were able to find herptiles in a nice coastal habitat.

  • Algyroides moreoticus warming up in the morning sun

  • Beach at Gythio…

  • …with Ophiomorus punctatissimus

  • Snake on the beach: Hierophis gemonensis

  • Juvenile Hellenolacerta graeca with blue tail


    Criss-cross through Mani Peninsula – without remarkable findings. In the evening we arrived at our next stay in Kardamili where we met our team again.

  • Our only shot of Madiodactylus kotschyi

  • Scilla autumnalis


    Herping on Mani – second try: even the complete team didn’t succeed; no spectacular findings. Therefore, we decided to leave for the Stymphalos / Feneos area in the afternoon, where we hoped to find more animals. The ride to the north took many hours (never underestimate the distances…).

  • Road block on Mani

  • Flowers instead of herps: Cyclamen graecum and…

  • …Crocus boryi

  • Finally, our arrival at Stymphalos


    Despite of dense morning fog in the Feneos-Basin, we started hunting for lizards. After the fog lifted we found plenty of herps – for us, the most productive day of the trip!

  • Anguis cephallonica and photographers

  • Salamandra salamandra

  • Beautiful Podarcis tauricus…

  • …and another one: this species is quite variable

  • Podarcis muralis climbing on a tree

  • A gorgeous species, even in late autumn: Podarcis peloponnesiacus

  • The second slow worm species: Anguis graeca

  • The result of Birgit‘s patience: portrait shots of Podarcis erhardii…

  • …we love subspecies livadiacus!

  • A juvenile Rana graeca

  • Algyroides nigropunctatus – usually preferring shade – was basking on tree trunks in the evening sun.


    After the lizard-biased day at Feneos we went to Stymphalos Lake for snake hunting. A grass snake habitat didn’t bring grass snakes but Telescopus fallax instead, which was subject of an extensive photo session. Later on, we also found an adult grass snake at another part of the lake. In the afternoon, we decided to visit a habitat of Chalcides ocellatus on Argolis Peninsula. We spent the last night at the Corinth isthmus – the next morning we had our return flight to Düsseldorf.

  • Telescopus fallax

  • Happy photographers

  • Sternbergia lutea

  • Natrix natrix persa

  • Photographers, spoiling the shepherd‘s day

  • Chalcides ocellatus

  • Nice surprise at the end of a beautiful journey: adult Zamenis situla